Our Philosophy


STRONG. Exists for one purpose: to help you be the best you. 


You've got a ton of demands on your time and attention, and every additional piece of work that's added to your plate requires more of your already stretched-thin cognitive bandwidth. 


Add in an injury, chronic fatigue, or the emotional drain of not feeling good in your skin and it's easy to see why most people don't want to spend their time aimlessly trying to figure out how to use a commercial gym to best suit their needs. 


So, here's the good news; we get it.


And because we get it, we've created a welcoming, focused environment and skilled clinical and training team to help you get the results you're after, as efficiently as possible.  ​

At STRONG. All we care about is you feeling your best and getting the results that matter to you. 


During your free virtual consultation we spend time with you to understand your situation, and uncover what's truly important to you, so we can determine if we're the best fit for what you want.

It's so important to us that you're happy, that we often put people in touch with other trainers, gyms or clinicians all over the city. We're serious about your results, and we want to put you in a position to win, whether that's with us or not. 


Once we understand who you are and what you want, we build your program tailored to help you get as strong and fit as possible, as quickly and safely as possible. 


We're all about saving you time, and taking the guesswork out of feeling your best. We've helped tons of people look and feel their best, and we'd love to help you too.


Let's talk.


Calum Shaw

Calum is focused on making your workout the best part of your week. Over the last 8 years, Calum has worked as a personal trainer, learning about people and creating relationships. As an adolescent, Calum was overweight. Like many in the same situation, Calum experienced all the joys of being (or feeling) less capable than his fitter peers. Less athletic, less "attractive", less confident, less engaged mentally, and all around just, less. Eventually, he got tired of feeling like less than what he thought he could be. At the age of eighteen, Calum decided it was time to lose the weight.


Over the course of the next 10 months, through diet and exercise, Calum lost 65lbs, radically changing the trajectory of his life. The following year he started the Fitness and Health Promotion program at Humber College. Calum quickly realized the real-world limitations of what he was learning in school. All the knowledge in the world does not equate to getting people results. Calum explains, “I'm grateful for my time at Humber for giving me a solid understanding of the body on which the rest of my coaching practice is built. But the real magic, and the reason I'm good at what I do, stems from an understanding that nobody reads like a textbook.”  Training with Calum, and training at STRONG. is training built for you, to help you feel (and look) your best.

Ari Benishai

Ari touts 6 years of experience as a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. Growing up wasn’t easy for Ari, experiencing a host of health issues and serious injuries. Strength training helped Ari overcome these ailments. Further, it reinforced his desire to help other people understand what their bodies are capable of. Ari’s clientele is diverse, including  powerlifters, physique competitors, and those recovering from injury. He loves to work with those who are looking to improve body composition or rid themselves of aches and pains. 


Ari is dedicated to your results. He believes your success requires a collaborative approach, working with a like-minded team. Constant communication is key. Ari loves to learn and continues to educate himself about his craft. He does so through attending courses, seminars, workshops, and dialoguing with health care and fitness professionals. Ari combines these learned techniques to create effective programming for his clients.


Dr. Alex St.Pierre

Alex St.Pierre DC, CSCS, MPK is a chiropractor who takes a sport-sciences approach to clinical practice combining old-school strength and conditioning principles with current evidence-based clinical research. He works with athletes along the entire performance continuum, from the treatment and management of pain to optimizing individual performance.

His work experience involves the roles of consultant, therapist, physiologist, and clinician. This includes work as a strength and conditioning coach in three collegiate settings, Seneca College, Western University, and the University of Toronto. He has worked as an intern of exercise physiology at the Canadian Sports Institute Ontario. There Alex focused on athlete testing for Swim Ontario and Softball Canada. His work was influential in creating a long-term strength and conditioning for Alpine Ontario. Alex also has extensive experience in hockey, working five years in minor hockey and three years as a clinician and strength coach in the daily training environments of NHL and OHL hockey players.

Kristy Zimmermann

Kristy has been working as a personal trainer and coach for over 6 years. Her experience as a coach includes working one-on-one, online, small group intensives, and coaching in the hybrid environment. Kristy is a communication Jedi and excels with technical coaching and habit change. With a broad skill set and diverse experience, Kristy enjoys any challenge thrown at her. Collaboration is an important part of Kristy’s process. She has experience working alongside clinicians, helping people move through injury and navigate recovery.

Kristy is committed to her own continuing education in health and fitness. It’s a priority for her to learn and grow as a coach and as a human being. This is achieved, in part, by attending courses that challenge her belief systems and methodologies. She is Level 1 certified with Precision Nutrition and is currently training under the expertise of her coach to attain her StrongFirst Level 1 Kettlebell Certification.

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Meagan Mishelkowsky

Meagan is a personal training specialist who is passionate about health, fitness, and nutrition. Meagan believes in the importance of cultivating the whole individual: mind, body and spirit. She is especially interested in stress and the physiological impact on the body. Meagan believes two key factors are critical in helping people thrive; movement and a support system. Meagan takes tremendous pride in helping people feel resilient, achieve balance, and reach their goals.

Meagan’s specialized training is extensive. In addition to her Specialized honors degree in Kinesiology, Meagan holds certifications in Poliquin Principles of Program Design, TRX suspension training, Hardstyle kettlebell, Olympic lifting, Striking, Exercise Therapy (Level 2), and Fasical Stretch Therapy (Level 2). She has further specialized training in programming and exercise execution for the low back, knee, and foot.

Zach McKenna

Zach is a health and wellness coach with a passion for helping humans reach their maximum potential. Zach focuses on what he believes are the 4 pillars to living an extraordinary life: Training, Nutrition, Mindset, and Habits.


Zach has trained humans from all walks of life from professional athletes to the general population ranging from ages 9 to 70. Every single member gets the utmost attention, care, and respect.

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JC Sandoval

Juan-Carlos or "JC" has always had a special interest in health and fitness. Practicing multiple sports growing up, JC experienced the important role of the Strength-Conditioning-Nutrition trifecta not only in sports but in everyday life. Training in a "Globo Gym" environment also showed JC the hard truth of working out without the proper guidance and knowledge. Moving to Canada in 2017 was the pivotal point in his life when he decided to pursue his passion for coaching. 


Being one of the newest in the Strong. roster, JC brings all his energy and devotion into his practice. Developing carefully thought-out training programs that cater to his clients' wants and needs, JC strides to make their time together in the gym a safe and fun retreat from everyday life. Trust and communication are key elements JC highlights in building great relationships with clients and teammates.

Andrew Ghaly

Andrew is a physio who is passionate about performance health and injury rehab. Andrew completed a research based Masters at the University of Western Ontario specializing in Physiology. He then travelled to Australia to complete a Master of Physiotherapy degree at the University of Sydney. During his time in Australia he worked at a clinic that specialized in runners and active populations while also playing American football and winning three state championships. 

Having grown up playing football and rugby, Andrew knows what it’s like to get injured. He has experienced the physical and mental challenges that patients face when injured, and he applies that firsthand knowledge to his work. He has a special interest in ACL injuries after having recovered from one through 2019.


Rob Calzetta

Rob’s passion for helping his clients is second to none. Rob’s dedication to helping his clients overcome is rooted in his own recovery. At the age of 19, Rob was determined to join the York Regional Police Force and attended the Police Foundations program at Seneca College. This was not meant to be. During his training, Rob suffered two ACL injuries resulting in two separate surgeries. The physical and mental barriers Rob faced in his recovery were immense, but in doing so Rob found a new career path.


Following a full year of dedicating time to intensive rehab, Rob developed a heightened passion for human anatomy and rehabilitation. Rob sought out to join a team that shared his passion for functional training. He was immediately drawn towards STRONG.’s devotion to ensuring their clients perform safe foundational movements, while also pushing them to achieve performance and tackle challenging exercises. His training philosophy is focused on injury prevention.