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Acne is a common side effect of major hormonal changes. It is common in teenagers, pregnancy, menopause, changing medications, or coming off the birth control pill. This is commonly due to higher levels of androgens (think testosterone) and lower levels of other hormones. We often also see a deficiency in certain vitamins (D mostly) and a lot more oil and bacteria on the skin.

How we treat Acne at STRONG.

Treatments we often recommend for Acne: Treatments will vary based on the underlying cause. Accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment are essential for effectively managing symptoms. At STRONG., we recommend seeking help through naturopathic medicine. A Naturopathic doctor can help you uncover the underlying cause of acne, prevent cystic acne from occurring, improve skin health and hormonal health, and learn what products are effective and natural options for skincare. We offer testing, acupuncture, nutritional consults, and some nutraceutical recommendations that are evidence based and effective acne solutions.

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