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Impingement, in a medical context, typically refers to a condition where soft tissues (such as tendons or bursa) in a joint or space within the body become compressed or pinched, causing discomfort or pain. This compression can occur due to various reasons, including structural abnormalities, inflammation, repetitive motions, or overuse. Common areas for impingement include the shoulder (subacromial impingement) and the hip (hip impingement). Symptoms may include pain, limited range of motion, and sometimes weakness.

How we treat Impingement at STRONG.

Treatments we often recommend for impingement: At STRONG., we recommend seeking help through physiotherapy or chiropractic as a first step. Treatments are individualized to your needs and preferences but typical sessions may include exercise or rehabilitation focusing on the affected area, tissue release of tight muscles, joint mobilization/manipulation, or acupuncture. As your pain subsides, working with a personal trainer on strength and mobility can often be helpful as a second step.

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