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Conditions of the Foot, Ankle and Lower Leg

Shin Splints

Shin Splints refer to pain along the shinbone (tibia), typically on the inner edge. This condition is often associated with physical activity and can result from excessive or repetitive stress on the shinbone and the tissues attaching the shinbone to the muscles. Runners, dancers, and individuals engaged in high-impact sports are particularly susceptible to shin splints. The pain is usually characterized by a dull, aching sensation and may be accompanied by swelling.

How we treat Shin Splints at STRONG.

At STRONG., we recommend seeking help through physiotherapy or chiropractic as a first step. Treatments are individualized to your needs and preferences but typical sessions may include exercise or rehabilitation focusing on the lower limb and leg, relative rest and activity modification, tissue release of tight muscles, joint mobilization/manipulation, or acupuncture. As your pain subsides, working with a personal trainer on upper back strength and mobility can often be helpful as a second step.

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