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Calum Shaw

Personal Trainer

Calum Shaw is a Personal Trainer and founding partner of STRONG.From the man himself:I've always loved playing sports and lifting weights, but was always overweight as child, and more-so into my teenage years. As a 17 year old kid at 5'7" and 235 pounds it's easy to think that all your problems are just from being overweight, especially with the world telling you that's the case. So, in my last year of high school I set out to change that. Over the next 18 months I lost about 65 pounds, and quickly found myself confronted with the reality that, hey, all of my problems may not have been that I was overweight. But onwards I went to post secondary school at Humber College to study Fitness and Health Promotion, where I would grapple with depression and anxiety about what I was doing with my life. At this point in my life I would say fitness was the only thing that made any sense to me, and in a lot of ways I would say that exercise pain was at least a predictable pain that I could come back to to make myself feel grounded. My path to becoming a trainer started as it often does for so many trainers "I like working out, I'd like to do this professionally", and then through my own experience became "exercise is so important for creating a foundation for positive change, I would have loved to have somebody by my side to help me navigate these complex emotions and experiences as I worked to find a path forward to a more positive version of my life".So, here I am, a decade on, having helped a lot of people get out of pain, into exercise, and sometimes even into the best shape of their lives and I have to say I'm still very grateful that I get to spend my time helping people feel better about themselves.I've got numerous certificates in program design, exercise execution and biomechanics, nutrition, sleep and recovery- all the things that would be required to help you look and feel your best. We always offer free consultations, and I'm always happy to meet with you to chat about how you could best pursue your fitness goals- whether it's with us or not.

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