Our Team

Meagan Mishalkowsky

Personal Trainer

With over a decade of experience as a personal trainer, I will never stop being grateful for the feeling I get when I watch someone thrive, especially when it’s a feeling they thought they could never have again. I want my clients to have what I never had access to when I needed it the most; a comprehensive and well conceived plan to get back health,quality of life, athletic ability and most importantly, hope. I've worked with many people with health conditions who not only achieve their fitness goals, but also improve their health and their outlook on life. Success always leaves clues and the lasting success I've seen involves being open to exploring your entire being- mental, physical, and spiritual. If you’re open to the journey, I will help you optimize your health and empower you to understand your body on a deeper level so you can be confident in your resiliency. I work with lots of different people from those who want help looking their best, building strength, addressing aches and pains or coming back from injury, and improving their health (type two diabetes, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis). If your goal is to be your healthiest, fittest, and strongest self, I would love to work with you. All the best in your health and fitness 💪

Certifications and Specialties

Program Design -Poliquin, Muscle Nerds Level 3 Exercise Therapist RTS Foot, Knee, Hip, Shoulder Programming Specialist Low back pain specialist DTS/Mcgill method TRX, Kettlebell, olympic lifting, striking, ACL Rehab *in progress*